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Who Can Vote

Though voting is a precious privilege that is bestowed on most citizens, it shouldn’t be.  Each vote makes a difference but in order to be allowed to cast your vote, you MUST be, at least, minimally informed about for whom or what you are voting.  Only using criteria such as looks or name, without knowing anything meaningful about your candidate’s views on issues important to you, allows your vote to count just as much as someone who made an effort, even a small one, to learn about their candidate’s stance and their candidate’s opponent’s stance on important issues.  That’s not right.

I propose that in order to qualify to vote for a candidate or a proposition, the voter must first pass a very basic test to determine if they understand the proposition or understand where each candidate stands on a few of the major issues at hand.  This test can be administered in the voting booth as a precursor to the actual vote.  There would be a very short test (one to three questions) for each office and proposition on the ballot.  Passing the test allows the voter to vote on that particular office or proposition.  Failing the test disqualifies the voter.

Regardless of your politics, liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, etc., at least be informed.

While this would likely significantly reduce the number of votes counted, at least the election would be determined by people who know at least something about the candidates and issues.

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